Strong Valor aims to empower and support you as you face everyday battles with grit, tenacity, strength, and courage. We recognize that these battles can take many forms, whether it be for faith, freedom, or personal victory. By standing with you, Strong Valor hopes to inspire you to endure and overcome.

Valor is defined as great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. Courage, on the other hand, is the strength to confront pain, grief, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. However, great courage is sometimes not enough. We also need physical and mental strength to endure. Strong Valor helps individuals face their battles with a combination of mental and physical fortitude, confidence, and inspiration.

Strong Valor’s mission is to provide a value system that is worthy of the brave men and women who defend it and believe that fighting for values such as equality, justice, freedom, and personal excellence is crucial to building a better society.

Strong Valor acknowledges that the battles we face can be challenging and overwhelming. However, we believe that with the right mindset and support, anyone can overcome them. Strong Valor’s apparel and lifestyle products are designed to remind individuals of their intrinsic strength and inspire them to keep fighting.

Featured Items


Question Everything

Question Everything is a cornerstone of our Freedom Collection. Accountability cannot come without asking questions. This applies to politics, government, media, and even to ourselves. We have to realistically evaluate us and the world we’re in to be able to take positive action. Question Everything.


Make Society Responsible Again

Make Society Responsible Again. Please! We’ve slid a long way since then, but we can get it back. We all have to do our part, hold ourselves accountable, set good examples, and encourage each other to do better.


Hold Politicians Accountable

Politicians and elected officials must be held accountable. For far too long they have been above the law, no longer in touch with “We the People” and the reality that exists on the ground. They make decisions and pass policy that helps their special interests and pass the cost to the citizens – both on a local and national level. …


Unapologetic Eagle 1776

Be unapologetically proud to be an American! It’s our DUTY to live an awesome, unconstrained life as an American. Be strong. Be prosperous. Protect and bless others. It’s the American Way.

This custom design features an eagle, right-sleeve reversed American Flag, and left sleeve Strong Valor (SV) logo.


Free Trump

FREE TRUMP! Show your support for President Trump with this custom t-shirt.

He’s not guilty, they’re after you, he’s just in the way! It’s an atrocity to see such targeted and corrupt persecution being played out right before our eyes. FREE TRUMP!


Molon Labe Spartan

Molon labe, meaning ‘come and take [them]’, is a classical expression of defiance. Against tyrants and tyrannical rule, we must defend freedom and resist new ideologies that threaten freedom and individual sovereignty. Whether it’s the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, or other God-given rights, Molon Labe – Come and Take Them!

Features a custom Spartan graphic with 13 stars …


Second Amendment Script 2A

For all you 2A advocates, wear the Constitutional Amendment of 1791 with pride!

Features a “2A” stencil graphic overlaid with full text of the Second Amendment written in era-correct script, right-sleeve reversed American Flag, and left sleeve Strong Valor (SV) logo.